Important News- Stay in touch.Stay informed.

Sector has been quiet for the last couple of months but you can be assured that the team has not been inactive.

Sector magazine was started to help the Suburban Black Taxis improve their profile and protect their living standards.

For too long we have fought a loosing battle with competitors with inferior  vehicles, drivers with no local knowledge training, and security issues.

The reason is that they have better communication with the customer.

We are at this moment doing our utmost to give the Yellow badges a equal opportunity to communication with customers.

Yes the tool to fight back.

It always was going to need great consideration and planning.

So we ask initially for your patience and then your support.

If it materialises it will change the way you work for ever.

So stay in touch with our twitter page for news.

Statements will also be updated on the web site..

Obviously the special edition will include all your favourite items.

Previous editions are still available just click below.

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